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To Government Spies and Shills Empty To Government Spies and Shills

Post by Highlander on Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:33 am

You are a traitor.  Your future is so solidly screwed that you'd do yourself a favor to put a gun barrel in your mouth and end it all right now.  I'll say it again - you would be doing yourself a FAVOR.  Allow me to break this down for you...

1) You are at the top of their lists.  You pose more danger to them than the public you are spying on does because of the simple fact that you are close enough to their machine to expose them, as Snowden and Hastings have done.  They're watching YOU much closer than they're watching the rest of us, and you can bet that they have plans for you - detailed plans.

2) Every move you make is being documented to implicate you in crime, no matter which way the upcoming revolution goes.  There are dozens of examples of this.  They know who you are, where you live, whom you are related to, what you care about and they'll threaten everything your crappy life has built if they lose, and even more certainly if they win.  You see, they simply won't need you anymore.  Snowden realized this, as well.

3) You will be judged for your actions, in this life or the next.  I don't claim to know how and when your judgment will come here, but I've been to heaven (YouTube near death experiences) and I was plenty afraid of approaching THE JUDGE of the universe and I have never dealt in treasonous activities like you are and I've never harmed anyone that didn't first harm me.

4) You don't need me to tell you this, but the reason you don't have any friends is because you don't like yourself.  Your spirit won't allow you to have meaningful relationships for the simple fact that you know that you are a natural-born betrayer.  You cannot be healthy, happy or satisfied as a human being so long as you are in that position.  Get out with as much information as you can carry.  Use that information to protect yourself, if possible, but better yet, offer it as a penance for your sin to fellow Americans.

It doesn't matter how much you're getting paid.  Leave.  You know in your spirit that you are being paid to do wrong to your peers for the benefit of the banksters.  You will not escape ultimate judgment for what you are doing but you have means to repent and turn away from your actions thus far.  Get out while you still can.



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