Reasons to Remain Anonymous on This Site

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Reasons to Remain Anonymous on This Site Empty Reasons to Remain Anonymous on This Site

Post by Highlander on Sun May 25, 2014 5:40 am

I created a new, anonymous email account for use on this site. You may choose to use a current email address while registering on this site but I didn't. Following are three good reasons to remain anonymous while on this site:

1. For those that may be tempted in and around our community to go out and steal things from their neighbors, we implore you to retain anonymity while using this site. Some of us are better prepared than others. When SHTF (stuff hits the fan) occurs, keeping in mind that the dollar won't likely be worth the paper it's printed on (research Weimar Republic, as one of many examples), some will be better prepared than others. Our goal should be take care of all of our good neighbors, but there may be some that become lawless and covetous toward the rest of us. We don't want those types of folks to know who we are and where we live.

2. As this forum develops, there will be sensitive subjects discussed here. Some examples could be training exercises, politics, political meetings, rallies, protests and other matters. We don't necessarily want the feds to know which of us in this community are participating and preparing versus those whom are not. For this purpose, it is actually somewhat advantageous that some of our neighbors will be scoffers toward our goals to prepare and organize.

3. During a crisis, if a household is overtaken and the residents of that home are being interrogated by roving mobs or tactical teams, etc., provided that they can contact our group by some means (CB radio, HAM radio, etc.) or otherwise alert us to their situation, what good does it do you or them that they know where you live and who you are? It's better for you and for them that they don't know. The remainder of our group can then quietly devise a strategy to restore order to that home as quickly as possible.

If you have objections to anonymity on this site, feel free to voice your opinion.  I believe the benefits outweigh any negative consequences.  If you have other suggestions that support my position on this, please weigh in as well.  Your participation is needed on this forum and your ideas will be treated respectfully here.

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