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Our Goals and Purpose Empty Our Goals and Purpose

Post by Highlander on Sat May 24, 2014 9:13 pm

As stated in the opening page, our purpose is to unite the citizens in the communities of Highland Station and Heather Ridge against all enemies - foreign and domestic.  This forum was NOT created to bash or belittle public servants such as police and military.  Great police and our armed forces will be invaluable in the times that are a'comin.

Our goal to unite citizens here is based primarily on self- and family-preservation as well as preservation of our property.  I won't go into detailing all the enemies that we may be preserving our selves, families, and properties from because there's more than adequate information elsewhere on this site, on Youtube and on the web, in general.  However, those of us who have been awakened from the matrix that the majority of the populous still lives in know full-well that the current status-quo in this country will not continue.

In fact, most of us whom are awake believe that the systems in high places in this country have been corrupted altogether and simply cannot survive without a significant fallout.  When the dollar collapses, which most of us believe to be imminent, chaos in many places of our country will ensue.  Many communities will be overrun by bands of criminals that have not prepared to sustain themselves.  Others will be taken to "FEMA camps" or "Detainment Facilities" or "Re-education camps" depending on which government documents you're reading.  For my family and my neighbors, I choose "None of the above".  It's incumbent upon me to rather make sure as best as I can that my neighbors are prepared as well as they can be for the struggles we'll face together in the near future.

There are some that believe that life in America will be the same in 3, 5, or 10 years from now as it is today.  I believe that they have been programmed in the matrix and that they believe exactly what the government wants them to believe.  When chaos erupts in virtually any situation, the authorities in that situation's first response is to tell everyone to "Remain calm!"  For those whom intend to remain calm despite all the signs that collapse is coming soon, if they live in my community, I intend to do what I can to defend them and provide for them to the best of my ability -- unless they choose by their own free will to trust the government and head off to one of the camps.

The problem herein is that I have a limited storage of beans, bullets and band-aids.  We need more people to open their eyes and understand that it will take the whole community to protect our lives and our property.  For instance, I cannot protect my home from a swat team raid.  Likewise, I cannot protect my home from a band of armed thugs whom have taken down my neighbor's homes one by one.  However, if we band together, we can pool our resources, skills and strategies to fend off roving mobs and even unconstitutional gun grabs by agencies of government.

For those folks that suppose I'm being paranoid and that these types of issues do not face us in the near future, I must refer you to the fact that a civil war - here in America - is a hair-trigger away.  About a month ago, roughly 12-1300 citizens were nearly fired upon by federal agents in Nevada.  Had this happened, a civil war could have grown outward from that area with armed citizens attacking all manner of law enforcement professionals.  Today, May 24, 2014, there's a Retired Army Colonel that has organized a very large party of protesters to go to the White House and demand the resignation of the President, Vice President, Senate Majority Leader, Speaker of the House, Attorney General, etc.  These protesters are on the White House lawn as I type.  Though it is a peaceful protest, these types of movements are often infiltrated with double agents bent on undermining peace.  Should these citizens be fired upon or mistreated, all manner of heck could break loose across our once-great nation.

America is reaching her boiling point.  Many of us can feel it from the time we wake up until the time we lay our exhausted brains & bodies to rest at night.  However, as the old adage goes, you can boil a frog without him knowing it when you gradually keep turning up the heat.  Thereby, most of our friends & neighbors don't understand the times we're facing.  The goals of this forum, therefore, are to open up a dialogue between the awake folks and the sleepers in this community; to keep the dialogue respectful to all involved; to prepare for the worst while hoping for the best; and when the time comes, to stand together strong as a community, united against any enemy that we might face.

There are no leaders on this forum.  All men [mankind] are created equal.  There's not any kind of political bent on this forum; nor is it intended to exclude anyone in our community for any reason.  If you rent or own in Heather Ridge or Highland Station, this forum is for you, of you and by you.  If folks from other neighborhoods would like to join this forum, I don't see much problem in that but I'd rather that they have or create a forum for their own community so that they can ensure that their own families and neighbors will be prepared and protected.  Members of other communities are more than welcome to take any ideas produced within this forum and use it for their own benefit & preservation.  The only thing we would ask in return is that they share good ideas back with our community.

I believe that Highland Station / Heather Ridge is a very special place to live.  A few months ago, my daughter asked me if she could spend the night with a friend of hers in this community.  Because I'd never met the parents of her friend, I looked up what I could about them and then I went an extra measure and ran a sex offender search for 76131.  Our community (at that time anyway) was one of the only communities in this and surrounding areas (other than Creekwood) with ZERO registered sex offenders.  Let's get our neighbors involved on this forum and keep our community strong and safe.


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